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Admins are the second-to-highest ranking on the network - they help decide the rules, enforce them, and work alongside the bureaucrats to maintain their individual wikis. They are also heavily trusted users with a large amount of experience behind them.

Admin responsibilities on the network are somewhat dynamic depending upon the wiki. For example, on Spinpasta, they give approval to RCaDC members, help decide rollback and chat mod applications (with the ability to promote all three) and make general rules for the wiki.

List of Members


Home wiki: Trollpasta


Home wiki: Trollpasta

GodzillaFan1 is an active admin on Trollpasta Wiki, and help's out with Spinpasta Wiki's category problems. He also loves Mario games (a little too much..)

I, Da Cashman

Home wiki: Spinpasta


Home wiki: Creepypasta

Jacket Mike

Home wiki: Spinpasta

Jacket Mike is an active admin and MLP grimdarkfic writer in Spinpasta Wiki, and is always trying to be friendly, unless provoked. Extra Notes: Gamer, GTA Fan, has a Russian accent when speaking English.


Home wiki: Creepypasta


Home wiki: Creepypasta

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